Just a few examples of Bespoke Builds from Purple Lion Creations.

Inspired by Stokeshay Manor an English Civil War Manorhouse

Built for a US customer.

The Mill

From the Crossroads Scene in the Brad Pitt film “Fury” now with a happy customer in Italy.

Ardennes Battle of the Bulge road sections

Frozen roads crafted in modular sections for a UK customer.  Each section magnetised to reduce movement on Games table. Built on a standard base, each section can be tailored to requirements to incorporate gates, walls, ruins, bridges, trees, sign posts, rivers. Crossroads and bends also available.

Pill Boxes

Any design made to your requirements.

Tonkin Village

Part of a range of buildings from a Tonkin Village.  Featured here is a Pagoda, a shop and opium house.

Ruined buildings

A building like this is a perfect starter model adaptable for numerous periods, from Napoleonic to modern.

During gameplay the building can be modified by changing roofs, garden walls etc culminating in full replacement of the original with its “destroyed” replica. The ruined building offers different challenges for attacking forces as a new group of combatants can now crawl into its shattered walls and hide in the twisted smoking ruin.

Martello style Gun Tower

A small defensive fort with semaphore masts commissioned for inclusion on a very large games  table.

German Factory

German factory in 20 mm incorporating factory railway station and line for US customer.  With lift off roof and lift out floors to take the fight inside!

Zulu Kraal

A small build for an Australian customer.

Samurai Fort

This Fort of a rural minor Samurai Lord went to the US for a very large table being assembled by the customer.

Dalmatian Sea Fort

Based upon St Nikola Fortress, Sibenik this impressive build is almost 3’ long with a further 2 small shore towers and dismantled city wall completing the build.

Mini Nuke

Standing a foot tall, often called a Daisy Cutter.  Supplied with bright internal light.  The perfect way to finish a game if you are a bad loser!!!

French Brewery

Built for a US customer, this Normandy Brewery breaks down for room by room fighting on many levels.