Just a few examples of Bespoke Builds from Purple Lion Creations.

English Civil War Manor House

Inspired by Stokeshay Castle.  Made for a customer in USA.

The Mill

From the Crossroads Scene in the Brad Pitt film “Fury” now with a happy customer in Italy.

Bocage Range

Modular sections of Bocage.  Each section magnetised to reduce movement on Games table, even the trees are magnetised and removable to help with storage. Built on a standard base, each section can be tailored to your requirements to incorporate gates, walls, ruins, bridges, trees, sign posts, rivers. Crossroads and bends also available.  Supplied in 2 sizes, large and small or just as hedge sections minus the roads.

Pill Boxes

From a lone machine gun emplacement to a complete “Saving Private Ryan” beach scene.  Designed to your requirements.

Siamese Temple

Designed to customer specification and modified throughout its build.  Incorporates the Bhudda and scroll work by Charlie Foxtrot Models.

European Farmhouse

Every shattered wall has a tale to tell …

This trio of models was made for a photo shoot in small 28 mm scale.They show the progression from a respectable home, transformed into a smoking shattered ruin as the game progresses.

A European farmhouse like this one is a perfect starter model, or club model, allowing it to be used for a wide range of periods, from Napoleonic to modern.  A single incoming round placed into a house will do some damage and neutralise some of the occupants within but it can still offer a very effective fire position for the survivors.

More rounds are put into the damaged farmhouse, effectively removing all threat from within and bringing down its roof, walls and ceilings.

The model during this action can go through many modifications by changing roofs, garden walls etc up to the point of eventually replacing the building with its “destroyed” replacement.The ruined building can now become more of a problem than before for attacking forces as a new group of combatants can now crawl into its shattered walls and hide in the twisted smoking ruin.

The full set of components is shown below allowing multiple combinations depending on the storyline.

Small Afghan Hill Fort circa 1840s

Made for a customer with limited space on his games table who needed a centrepiece with all the trimmings of a large fort in a much smaller space.

Berber Mosque

Made from workbench detritus (not for a customer!) just to see what could be done with what would usually be thrown in the bin.

Worth the effort!

Arnham Hotel

Made for Chris Brown of Bolt Action Fame, a scaled version of the Royal Pavilion Hotel in Arnham.

Indian Railway Station circa 1870-1880.

Originally made, along with two flat topped buildings, for Wargames Illustrated’s Little Round Top Table, “Saving Prince Kishan” game at Salue 2016.

Unfortunately it proved to be too big when the terrain was finished with only enough room for the two flat topped buildings.

Channel 8 News Building

Made for a customer as a centrepeice for a superhero game.  Essentially the building was an enormous light box platform.

Mini Nuke

Standing a foot tall, often called a Daisy Cutter.  Supplied with bright internal light.  The perfect way to finish a game if you are a bad loser!!!

Sci-Fi Ruin

Desgined by a customer as a centre piece for a last stand situation.  Breaks down allowing fighting to be taken inside.  The hanging vines are removable to ease gameplay.